Texas Children and Youth Fiscal Map

TXPOST has partnered with Children’s Funding Project to document all federal and state-level investments in children and youth in Texas. The final product, known as a fiscal map, analyzes the funding sources and state budget allocations from 2019 to 2021 that support all programs and services from the prenatal stage to young adulthood statewide. 

The fiscal map analyzes the funding Texas received and allocated to different services and outcome areas that support children’s overall well-being: educated, healthy, safe, supported and connected, employed. This tool will enable Texas communities to align existing funding more effectively and identify and address funding gaps in these crucial areas. The fiscal map is also a valuable resource for family and youth-serving partners across the state and can help our partnership advocate for additional investments for Texas kids.

Texas was one of 14 states involved in the pilot year of Children’s Funding Project’s state child and youth fiscal mapping cohort. As such, our state’s funding data is part of a national open-source database that will help other states and localities develop their own plans for funding public services and programs for infants, toddlers, children, and youth.

Scroll down to access and use the fiscal map. Open the fiscal map in fullscreen mode by clicking the arrows in the bottom right corner.