What We Do

Eighty percent of a child’s waking hours are spent outside the classroom, and yet we continue to rely on the school day as the only place to prepare our youth for strong futures. Only 15% of school-age kids in Texas participate in afterschool programs that create more learning opportunities and drive equity in a system that often fails to adequately serve those most in need.

Students who participate in out of school time (OST) programs attend class more regularly, do better in school, and develop key 21st Century skills vital for today’s economy. 

High-quality OST programs improve academic outcomes, help develop workforce skills, and promote individualized exploration of interests and talents that lead to success in the classroom, career, and beyond.

And it’s more important now than ever. Our national dialogue on racial justice demands that we address inequities in our communities at a time when they have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have to do better by and with our young people to build a future we all can be proud of.  

In spring 2020, TXPOST completed its 2020-2023 strategic plan to reflect the needs of youth and OST programs and providers. Read our full plan and/or learn more about our key strategies by clicking through below.

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