Program quality is essential to maximizing the positive potential of OST programs. Research has shown that programs of high quality have a much deeper impact on the children they serve than their lower quality counterparts. So what constitutes a high-quality program, and how can it be achieved? Thirty-three statewide networks have adopted a framework outlining quality standards within their respective states. TXPOST drew on that work to develop a framework for program quality standards that fit the unique needs of our state. For more information about program quality and to download the TX Standards for High Quality Afterschool, Summer and Expanded Learning Programs, visit the Program Quality webpage.

Professional development is an important aspect of every high-quality OST program. TXPOST hopes to increase the availability and awareness of these training opportunities for program providers. TXPOST conducted a recent survey of professional development providers to assess the availability of these opportunities in Texas communities. Visit the Professional Development web page for more information.