Program Quality

What does Quality in Out of School Time look like? 

In response to the question: What is one word you would use to define quality in OST programming 36 members of the Quality Standards Work Group responded:


These are some of the many adjectives, adverbs, and actions the Quality Standards Work Group has discussed over the last year as part of the development of a statewide set of OST Program Quality Standards for Texas. This group, comprised of thirty-six funders, state agency representatives, researchers, intermediaries and program providers has released a draft of the program quality standards for community feedback. A final set of standards will be released for use by programs and stakeholders in December 2014.


Texas OST Program Quality Standards: The Work Begins

On October 21, 2013, TXPOST convened the first in-person meeting of the Quality Standards Work Group tasked with developing a statewide set of program quality standards by December 2014. This group comprised of 32 providers, funders, state agency representatives and community stakeholders got right to work, discussing the most important priorities for the state of Texas and researching the standards of other states, which they will use to inform their recommendations. The workgroup is currently divided into six smaller teams who will present recommendations on specific categories of standards at the next in-person meeting in January. Keep an eye out for updates on this process as we work toward our December 2014 deadline!

Quality Standards Work Group: Webinar Launch

In July 2013, the OST Program Quality Standards Work Group launched a process to establish a set of voluntary statewide standards of out of school time program quality for Texas by December 2014.  We will invite ongoing feedback from stakeholders across the state throughout the project, including an extensive standards vetting process and a detailed and actionable standards roll-out and implementation plan.

To learn more about out of school time program quality standards in other states, please visit the Statewide Afterschool Network’s Quality Standards site.

Quality Self-Assessment Tools

As a practical application, quality standards can assist providers with program assessment and implementation. Quality Self-Assessment (QSA) tools allow programs to observe and evaluate their progress toward achieving high-quality standards. Below are a few links to examples of QSAs that may be helpful to providers. Please note that these tools have not been independently evaluated by TXPOST.

TXPOST will provide updates about the quality standards development process in early 2013. Links to research articles on out of school time programming quality are available on the OST Data and Research web page.